Deductions Table

Deduction Section

  • Investment in PPF
  • Employee's share of PF contribution
  • NSCs
  • Life Insurance Premium payment
  • Children's Tuition Fee
  • Principal Repayment of home loan
  • Investment in Sukanya Samridhi Account
  • ELSS
  • Sum paid to purchase deferred annuity
  • Five year deposit scheme
  • Senior Citizens savings scheme
  • Subscription to notified securities/notified deposits scheme
  • Contribution to notified Pension Fund set up by Mutual Fund or UTI.
  • Subscription to Home Loan Account Scheme of the National Housing Bank
  • Subscription to deposit scheme of a public sector or company engaged in providing housing finance
  • Contribution to notified annuity Plan of LIC
  • Subscription to equity shares/ debentures of an approved eligible issue
  • Subscription to notified bonds of NABARD
Rs. 1,50,000
80CCD(2) Employer's contribution to NPS account Maximum up to 10% of salary
80CCD(1B) Additional contribution to NPS Rs. 50,000
80TTA(1) Interest Income from Savings account Maximum up to 10,000
80GG For rent paid when HRA is not received from employer Least of rent paid minus 10% of total income, Rs. 2000/- per month , 25% of total income
80E Interest on education loan Interest paid for a period of 8 years
80CCG Rajiv Gandhi Equity Scheme for investments in Equities Lower of - 50% of amount invested in equity shares or Rs 25,000
80D Medical Insurance - Self, spouse, children
Medical Insurance - Parents more than 60 years old or (from FY 2015-16) uninsured parents more than 80 years old
Rs. 25,000
Rs. 30,000
80DD Medical treatment for handicapped dependant or payment to specified scheme for maintenance of handicapped dependant
  • Disability is 40% or more but less than 80%
  • Disability is 80% or more
Rs. 75,000
Rs. 1,25,000
80DDB Medical Expenditure on Self or Dependent Relative for diseases specified in Rule 11DD
Lower of Rs 40,000 or amount actually paid
Lower of Rs 60,000 or amount actually paid
Lower of Rs 80,000 or amount actually paid
80U Self suffering from disability:
  • Individual suffering from a physical disability (including blindness) or mental retardation.
  • Individual suffering from severe disability
Rs. 75,000
Rs. 1,25,000
80GGB Contribution by companies to political parties Amount contributed (not allowed in cash)
80GGC Contribution by individuals to political parties Amount contributed (not allowed in cash)